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This site is intended to assist
teachers, parents and students involved in the
Music for Moppets Piano Readiness Program.
Based on the course material developed by
Robert and Helen Pace
as presented in the Music for Moppets method book
and published by Lee Roberts Music Publications.

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of musical development in
the Music for Moppets Program

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Music for Moppets
encourages your child's
natural creativity:

  • telling stories on the piano;
  • giving songs new words;
  • varying the melodic shape of songs;
  • creating duets and ensembles;
  • improvising music in many styles;
  • moving to music;
    acting out songs or stories to music

Music for Moppets will help
your child develop better hearing
in relation to musical sounds:
  • pitch discrimination;
  • is one note higher, lower,
    or the same as another;
  • does a pattern of notes move up or down;
  • is the music fast, slow,
    loud, soft, sweet, harsh;
  • many sounds together or a single tone;
  • is it a combination of several of these characteristics and can you distinguish
    the individual characteristics
    within the combination
    (multiple discrimination)?


Music for Moppets is primarily
a piano readiness program
and as such explores music
in relation to the piano keyboard.

The program will introduce your child to:
  • the layout of the piano keyboard;
  • the high, middle and low range;
  • the groups of two and three black keys;
  • the note names and where
    the notes are on the keyboard.


Music for Moppets will help your child
begin to assemble a body of songs
in various styles to play and sing.
Music for Moppets will help
your child learn about rhythm:
  • Feeling steady beat;
  • feeling rhythms in one's body;
  • interpreting symbols;
  • transferring rhythms into symbols.

Music for Moppets will help your child
begin to develop piano technique, including:
  • developing small muscle control;
  • finger control and coordination;
  • developing a good hand position.


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