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Moppets preschool kindergarten piano book
Rhythms and Rhymes Student Book
Birthday Suite children's piano music
Birthday Suite
elen Pace created song-duets for children to sing, dramatize and play along with a parent or teacher. The child part is in large, very easy-to-play notation, and the accompaniment is at the easy piano level. Featuring glorious full-color illustrations on every page, Birthday Suite provides a highly enjoyable adventure for beginners in reading and playing easy music. Perfect for musical fun in the home, studio or classroom

Preschool piano readiness story music book Bosco and Kitty's Piano Magic
Lavishly illustrated story book introduces the very young child to the basic notion that musical sounds can be either high or low, soft or loud, slow or fast, or combined in various ways. These musical concepts are explored via the Twins and Triplets - groups of two and three black keys - to develop the tactile, aural and visual awareness prerequisite to all further music learning. Encourages kids to think in motion, deal with several concepts simultaneously, and be creative.

Preschool kindergarten music flashcards Flash Cards
Musical Signs And Symbols Set I
24 Cards 48 Sides Flash Cards
Moppet Pace Piano Education.
Size 6x9 inches.
Published by Lee Roberts Music.
Flash Cards
Musical Signs And Symbols Set II
24 Cards 48 Sides Flash Cards
Moppet Pace Piano Education.
Size 6x9 inches.
Published by Lee Roberts Music.
Kinder Keyboard Student Book Kinder-Keyboard Student Book
Music for Moppets teachers manual Music For Moppets
Teacher's Book
Rhythms and Rhymes Teacher's Book Moppets' Rhythms And Rhymes Teacher's Book
KinderKeyboard Teacher's Book Kinder-Keyboard
Teacher's Book
Complete Pace Catalog

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