Parent's Role

When helping your Moppet student practice, your role is that of "Play Partner," not teacher. You are exploring and learning together.

In your role as "Play Partner" remember that a game is fun if sometimes you are "It" and sometimes you are "The other one." Children like to be able to play the leader, or teacher, role. They also like to take turns, to be sure that they are getting in on the best part.

If they are not doing something correctly, rather than saying "No, No, You're Wrong" or "No, You're Not Doing that Right." (which is the quickest way to make an UNGAME out of it), try instead to guide your child to the right answer by asking questions that will lead him to correct himself, or try to model the correct answer or skill when it is your "TURN" to play or demonstartae a skill. Do not worry if your child is not 100 % successful when she first tries something. At this age, many things take time to develop. If you keep planting the seeds of readiness with the games, children will "get it" WHEN THEY ARE READY.

Does this mean you can't correct them? Of course not -- just find an encouraging way to gently guide them to success, the same as you do when you help them to learn other skills. You already know how to play with your child and have fun. Now it is time to learn how to have fun with music.


You'll find this way they come back for more!

Incorporating Playmates and Siblings

How can I practice with the little brother or sister always hanging around?